Assignments | since 1992
In addition to my free work I have been designing jewellery on assignment since 1992. People ask me to take a jewel or precious item which they have inherited, and integrate this in a so called “remembrance jewel”.

Very often, an inherited jewel is not to the personal taste of the client. It often ends up in the bottom of a drawer. However, for sentimental reasons, clients do have the desire to wear the jewel.
I do not melt down the inherited jewels. Instead, I work with such jewellery and layer it until it’s an unusual, new jewel, to the taste of the owner. This is wonderful work because the stories behind the inherited jewels and the possible combinations of forms and spheres really fascinate me.
In order to get to a design I have several conversations with the client. I ask about the relationship with the deceased, what the history of the inherited item is and what the client’s wishes are. During the jewel-making process, I invite the client to come to my studio to see the progress. Handing over this new piece once it is finished, is also an important moment for them.

To me, the inherited jewels and the “voice” of the client are elements that show me the way in which to work. The, often very emotional, stories behind the inherited pieces inspire me. Such stories open up a register of images for me with which I can consequently work. The assignments carry my signature because the client gives me the freedom and trust to make the jewel. And the customer can now wear a jewel that is of enormous sentimental value.