360º of Light | 2009
The ‘360º of Light’ collection is inspired by the sun and its light. I’ve created wispy and minimalist jewellery, so-called ‘flares’. A flare is a light effect – an imaginary line with round or octagonal light spots on it - which derive from the internal reflection of light, brought about by several lenses placed in front of each other. This effect can be momentarily visible in films or photos shot with backlighting. I have used this play of light in the twiggy Flare brooches.

In art history both divinity and immortality are represented by the sun; a gold circle. You can see this in the brooches Bright Light and Less Light.

The brooch sHe is a translation of a Renaissance painting to my 21st century context. The lace veil over the Madonna’s eyes represents her introversion; the halo her light. The timepiece, mounted behind the Madonna’s gold face, once wound up, produces a pulsating sound: the jewel has an audible presence too.