Bird Collection | 2006
Birds touch me, because they are brave and strong, and at the same time so delicate and fragile.
A seemingly simple subject, the bird, but one that hides a layered and rich world. To disclose this world, I felt it was necessary not to be too literal. Therefore, I have not used any feathers to tell my story, but instead I used lace, matted wool, silk, and laminate. With these materials, I developed imagery that is suggestive and picturesque.

The basis of ‘Bird Collection’ is formed by five silk-made brooches, equal in form, onto which several laminate-sawn ornaments have been attached. These ornaments have a different front and back, thereby referring to the rhythm of the seasons and the transformation from summer to winter dress. These pieces are to be worn upside down. The hand-modelled paws form the fastening system and force the jewel to take its place.

I combine the language of the birds with that of the jewel. This is visible in the ‘chest out’ pieces like Buse Blanc or Moineau Domestique. They have a more optimistic appearance than the ‘hanging’ pieces, These brooches seem to be almost falling apart, but appearances are deceptive. The separate parts are held together by a hinge system, enabling them to move. They even seem to breathe.

Faucon Sacre, Martin Pêcheur, Pica Pica and Sizerin Blanchàtre show a variety of bird interpretations also. These so called jabots are based on 18th century lace pleats which were fashionable at that time and worn pastened around the neck. I tried to transfer the jabot from a clothing accessory to an unusual, elegant and tactile jewel. Only when one looks at the jewel’s profile, its bird contours become visible.

All of the pieces from ‘Bird Collection’ are uncompromised in their displayed vulnerability. This commands a great level of caution from the person who will be wearing the work.