Eclectic Jewellery | 1992
The pieces I make find their origin in a process of mixing jewellery which have passed out of use (antique or modern, whole or broken, entire or in parts), and parts I make myself. My collection of ‘old’ jewellery serves as the inspiration and source from which each piece springs. This recycling was born out of my fascination for each ‘old’ piece/part in itself and the very interesting, unexpected combinations one is able to make with them.

In every piece/part hides an unlimited world of fantasy which I find in no other material I can turn into jewellery. This storytelling aspect creates the possibility of inserting different thoughts into a piece of jewellery which, in the end, reveals an entirely unique atmosphere. Sometimes the final story can be read and retold in words; sometimes you can only smell a certain scent which brings images into your mind.

I work a lot with symbols. I find it very exciting to put them into another context, or even to ignore them.

In general one could say that eclecticism is born out of the desire to decorate which also happens to be true for me. Being led by the impressions my ‘old’ jewellery provide, I find myself making pieces I hadn’t thought of before I started combining parts.

By combining I create a story which leads to a new piece by letting the parts decorate one-another. This way of working demands a lot of care; the mind controls the story, the intuition controls the atmosphere.