Portraits | 2003
In the portrait series I was inspired by a number of characteristics of the genre. I explored the effect of jewellery that looks back at you.

An unusual group within the Portraits jewellery collection are the pieces that make use of photographs by Eddo Hartmann. These photographs are all in subdued colours, grey-green and brown predominating, reminiscent of old stills. I hide them behind a transparent stone, called ulexite. A portrait is only visible when you are positioned straight in front of the piece. This is the only way to make ‘eye contact’ with the forceful face.

A man’s portrait is only just visible from behind a sheet of engraved silver. On the reverse side he is standing in an empty, dark room. The man is showing his vulnerability.

In the brooches Double Portrait I and II, Lucas and Sibylle, I transfer the power of a painted portrait to three dimensions. Paintings by the old masters, on this occasion Lucas Cranach, were my source of inspiration